Marlin Trust Management Organization

The Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) is the operational entity that grants commercial licenses for Marlin technology.

It is established by the five Marlin founders – Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony.

The MTMO serves four key roles in Marlin:

  • Grants non-patent IPR for commercial uses of Marlin technology
  • Provides key management and certificate services for Marlin products and services
  • Enforces compliance and robustness rules for Marlin products and services
  • Operates renewability services for the Marlin ecosystem

MTMO licensees have access to compliance and robustness rules for achieving certification and other valuable tools and documents. Potential Marlin adopters are encouraged to preview the Marlin specifications before licensing them for commercial deployment. To download the Marlin specifications, click here.

If you are already a Marlin adopter, log in using your customer credentials. If you do not already have this, please contact us.

The final Marlin Client Adopter and Service Provider Agreements are available. To request a copy of these agreements, click here.