The MTMO performs the following functions:

  • Key Management: Issuing and managing keys to certified vendors and providers of services. Delegation of trust to other Certificate Authorities (CAs). Dealing with Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) and Broadcast Key Block (BKB) for Marlin-wide operations.
  • Certification: Certifying device and service implementations when they meet certain conformance and compliance criteria. Managing and publishing certification guidelines and tests.
  • Enforcement: Establishing, managing and monitoring contractual relationships that govern use and deployment of the Marlin specifications.
  • Incident Response System: Responding to events that threaten the security and trustworthiness of Marlin deployments. This includes managing renewability and revocation, if needed.


The MTMO is located at:

        3855 SW 153rd Drive
        Beaverton, OR 97003