How can I get a commercial license to implement Marlin technology as a Client Adopter or Service Provider Adopter?

  1. As a potential adopter, you will need to fill out the Request for Agreement Form in order to download the Client Agreement (CA), the Service Provider Agreement (SPA) or the MS3 Service Provider Agreement (MS3).
  2. You will receive via email to the address you included in the form a packet that includes the agreement and any relevant amendments.
  3. After filling in the contact information and signing the agreement and the amendments to the agreement you can send them to MTMO by:
    • Emailing a scanned copy of pages 1 and 61 of the Client Agreement to: [email protected], or
    • Faxing a copy of those pages to: +1 503-644-6708
  4. Also, please mail two complete signed copies of the agreement as well as the amendments to: 3855 SW 153rd Drive, Beaverton OR 97006 – USA.
  5. We will countersign the agreement and amendments and return a completely executed copy to the assigned contact person at the address provided on page 1 of the agreement.
  6. MTMO will send you an invoice for the annual MTMO fee (the current fee for a Client Adopter is $20,000 and for a Service Provider Adopter is $10,000).
  7. MTMO will also send you information on Listed Trust Service Providers you can contract for key management services (Seacert and Panasonic are the only providers of this service).
  8. Upon receiving payment, we will send an email acknowledgement to the contact person.
  9. We will also send you a user identity and password; with this, you can access the protected pages of the MTMO website where you will find the MTMO Getting Started document, Security Policy documents (MTMDs), instructions for acquiring Client personalization packets, and other useful documents, Common Test Keys, and tools (

Note: If you plan to sell devices and services based on Marlin technology, you will need to sign both the Client and Service Provider Agreement.