How do I sign up as a Client Component Manufacturer or Service Element Provider?

  1. As a potential adopter, you will need to fill out the Request for Agreement Form in order to acquire the Client Agreement (CA) or Service Provider Agreement (SPA).
  2. You will receive a zipfile that includes the agreement that you requested and any associated amendments as an attachment via email.
  3. Once receiving the agreements, fill in the contact information, signing the agreement, fill out Exhibit C, and sign any amendments that require signature. Send a scan of pages 1 and 61 of the agreement by one of the two methods:
    • Email a scanned copy of the filled out and signed pages (pages 1 and 61) to: [email protected], or
    • Faxing a copy of the signed pages to: +1 503-644-6708
  1. Note: Also, please mail 2 complete and signed copies of the agreement and amendments to: 3855 SW 153rd Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006 – USA
  2. MTMO will countersign both copies of the agreement and amendments and return one copy to the contact person at the location provided on page 1.
  3. MTMO will send you an invoice for the annual MTMO fee (the current fee for a Component Manufacturer Adopter is US$ 15,000, and Service Element Provider is US$ 5,000).
  4. Upon receiving payment, we will send you an email acknowledgement to your assigned contact person.
  5. You will then receive access to the Common test keys, the Conformance test specification, and other information.

Note: As a Component Manufacturer or Service Element Provider adopter, you will not get production keys.