What are the anticipated costs for adopting Marlin to Client devices?

The current fee schedule can be found in Exhibit D of the Marlin Client agreement.

It includes the following:

  1. Annual Administration Fees.The following Annual Administration Fees apply:
    • Client: US$ 20,000.00 per year
    • Client with Component Manufacturer Addendum: US$ 15,000.00 per year
  1. Marlin Certification Fees.As provided in Section 4.2 of the Client Agreement Marlin Certification Fees shall be paid by Client.
    • US$ 1,500.00 per Acknowledgement for Compliance Testing under Section 3.2(b)
    • Note: Marlin Certification Fees do not apply prior to the Certification Requirement Date. No such Certification Requirement Date has been set at this moment
  1. Delegate Certificate Authority Fees (optional certificate).This is mentioned in Section 4.3 of the Client Agreement.
    • US$ 3,000.00 per single set of DCA Certificates for applicable specification per request
    • Note: If you use a Listed Trust Service Provider, you may not need your own DCA certificate.
  1. Security Operation Fees.As mentioned under Section 4.4 of the Client Agreement, Security Operation Fees shall be paid by Client as the case may be.
    • US$ 0.01 per Provisioning Packet generated for Client
    • Note: If you use a Listed Trust Service Provider for generating your keys, this fee may be paid to the MTMO by the Trust Service Provider on your behalf.

(Note: in the current version of the Client agreement there are other charges for Smart Cards.  These are no longer used.)