What is the MTMO’s relationship to the MDC? Why are they separate entities?

The MTMO and MDC (Marlin Developer Community) are separate entities specifically to keep technology development activities distinct and independent from the day-to-day activities associated with running a key management and trust services organization.

The MDC enables technology development to support the rollout of the Marlin ecosystem. It does this by developing and publishing the Marlin specifications, community code, tools, conformance test and development keys, and white papers for parties interested in evaluating and testing Marlin technology.

Note: All specifications and code available through the MDC are intended for internal and non-commercial purposes only.

The MTMO is the operational entity that grants commercial licenses for Marlin technology, and implements the Marlin trust model (including key management and certificate services) and renewability. The MTMO licensees have access to compliance and robustness rules for achieving certification, and other valuable tools and documents.

Note: Potential adopters of Marlin DRM, including device and service providers, are encouraged to evaluate Marlin technology before licensing the right to commercially deploy it. 

For a more detailed division of labor between the 2 entities, see below